How Can You Best Prepare for a Job as an HR Driver?

You may have noticed an increased call for heavy truck drivers across Australia. Much of this is due to a boost in demand for deliveries following the pandemic, but there is no sign of any slowdown in the near future. So, in this case, you may be thinking about getting a job driving one of these vehicles and taking advantage of good pay and conditions. However, it's not as easy as you think to jump behind the wheel, and you may need to adjust your driving habits accordingly. What are some of the big challenges faced by people in this situation?

Get Instruction

Rule number one is that you should not rush the process and take time to get used to the dynamics of these heavy vehicles. Instead, you should always sign up with an accredited driving school to get instruction from an experienced hand and prepare for the test. These instructors will be very familiar with the bad habits that some drivers may bring to the cab. They'll help to point these issues out so you can adjust accordingly and stand the best chance of passing the test.

Take Things Steadily

One of the biggest challenges for inexperienced drivers is thinking ahead, driving as smoothly as possible and generally slowing down. A heavier vehicle will need more distance as it decelerates, especially in an emergency. So, you need to leave additional space in front and try to anticipate other road users' behaviour.

Smooth Gear Changes

You'll want to get used to changing gears as smoothly as possible so you can look after the vehicle, its cargo and its equipment. Further, if your driving technique is smooth, you will be better prepared for unexpected eventualities.

Safe Use of Brakes

People who are used to driving much smaller vehicles may often try to apply their techniques to a much bigger truck. Clearly, most people are used to using the brakes to decelerate a car, but you will need to use the engine in a heavy vehicle just as much. So, you cannot simply stand on the brakes no matter what gear you were in and expect to pass your test. Instead, you need to go down through the gears at the same time as applying the brakes and come to a safe halt.

Get Further Information

These are just a couple of pointers when it comes to driving a heavy vehicle. When you enrol with a leading driver training school, they will go through everything in depth and help you prepare for the test.

Reach out to a local HR driving course to learn more.

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