Forklift Training: Three Precautions for New Operators in the Workplace

The forklift is an indispensable piece of equipment in commercial and industrial environments. Therefore, getting a forklift licence will improve your prospects and increase your career opportunities. In general, forklift operation can be challenging, so you should opt for formal training by experienced instructors. The right training will promote safety and efficiency in the workplace. However, keep in mind that the best level of performance develops with experience. So, you might encounter difficulties as a beginner, leading to mishaps. Here are essential precautions to limit the risks of mistakes in forklift operation.

Inspect the Forklift

Never operate a forklift before an inspection. If the equipment has underlying defects and is put under strain, the unit will fail during your work. The breakdown could cause an accident in the workplace and subsequent injuries. Moreover, you could lose valuable goods, increasing losses for the business. Therefore, plan on conducting a pre-operation check. Usually, most workplaces will provide a checklist or log to record the condition of the equipment. Conduct a visual inspection, and test the controls and safety features as a precaution. If you find anomalies, report to your supervisor immediately. Do not overlook unusual signs of problems. Consult an experienced operator if you are uncertain about anything.

Review the Route

The forklift is a heavy piece of equipment, so manoeuvring it around the workplace can be difficult. Moreover, when hauling goods, the unit becomes a little more cumbersome. Therefore, if you are not sure about the path you will take, the risk of an accident will increase. You can prevent mishaps by studying the route you will drive the forklift. Most workplaces have a standard road for moving goods with marked lines for guidance. You can also observe more experienced operators go through the area. However, some warehouses, stores and transportation zones change their configuration to accommodate new needs. Examine the routes beforehand and establish a plan for navigating the obstacles. If you cannot figure out how to move around tight spaces, ask for help.

Promote Load Stability

Unstable loads can cause an imbalance in the forklift, and this problem could result in the equipment tipping during operation. The subsequent accident could cause personal injuries, property damage and related financial losses. Therefore, ensure that the cargo is placed correctly and evenly on the supporting forks. If necessary, you can bind the goods to secure them. Never overload your equipment because the stress will cause damage. Check the weight rating and compare it with the assigned loads. 

For more information, contact a company that offers forklift training.

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