What to Know About Getting Your HR Licence

If you are interested in a career that involves driving heavy-rigid trucks, then the main thing on your mind right now might be securing your HR licence. As someone who has never been through this process, you might not know what you're supposed to do. These are all things you'll probably want to know about securing your HR licence.

The Cost Isn't Usually Too Significant

The whole reason why you might be thinking about getting your HR licence in the first place could be because you need to secure a good-paying job. This means that you might not have a lot of extra cash on hand right now. The cost of getting your HR licence should not be too significant, though, and you're sure to find that it's worth it once you're able to find a good-paying job as a heavy truck driver.

You'll Be Able to Take On Lots of Truck Driving Jobs

You can work as a commercial driver with an LR or MR class licence. However, if you want to be able to take on as many different truck driving jobs as possible, then you should consider getting your HR licence. After all, with this license, you will be able to legally operate even the biggest of trucks. After all, an HR licence is needed if you want to be able to drive a vehicle that has three or more axles and that weighs more than 8,000kg. Of course, you can drive commercial trucks that are smaller than this, too, once you secure your HR licence.

You Should Have Some Driving Experience

You can't just start out with an HR licence. Instead, you have to have at least one year of experience behind the wheel, either with a C class licence or an LR or MR class licence. Therefore, if you have not already secured one of these licenses, you should do this first. Then, once you have a year of experience, you can begin pursuing your HR licence.

You'll Need to Go to Truck Driving School

To learn how to safely and properly operate a heavy truck, and to do what you need to do in order to be eligible for your HR licence, you will need to go to truck driving school. Classes should be taught by a licenced driving instructor who has ample experience as an HR driver themselves, and classes should teach you everything that you need to know in order to pass both the knowledge and driving portions of the test.

For more information on an HR licence, contact a professional near you.

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