3 Mistakes to Avoid During a Heavy Rigid Vehicle Driving Assessment

When your heavy rigid driving course nears its end, it is normal for anxiety and nerves to kick in as the impending assessment looms. Notably, anything and everything can happen during a test; therefore, a lot depends on your performance. Rather than put yourself under stress, do everything you can to prepare adequately. It is especially the case if you are sure of a job opening immediately after an HR driving course. Part of the preparation involves knowing mistakes that might affect your assessment.

Ignoring the Mirrors 

The mirrors on a 3-axle vehicle are your friend as far as safety goes; therefore, ignore them at your peril. When you step into a truck, keep in mind that you should and must use both the side and rear-view mirrors when possible. Many students do not get that part right for various reasons. It could be that you did not spend enough time practising with an HR vehicle, meaning that you are not accustomed to using mirrors. Whatever the reason, an assessor will constantly check whether you are using the mirrors as needed. Your chances of passing an HR vehicle driving assessment remain high as long as you do not ignore the mirrors.

Stopping Over a Stop Line 

Stopping a truck during an HR driving assessment might not seem like a significant part of the test, but it is. Some trainees do not pay attention to a truck's position when they come to a stop sign or traffic light. Therefore, it is easy to think that you aced your assessment when in the real sense, you stopped over a stop line without noticing. You should avoid the mistake at all costs, and the best way is to remain aware and alert. When approaching a stop sign or traffic stop, slowing down helps a truck come to a halt before a stop line. It is better to stop a few meters before a stop line than a few inches over it.

Failure to Ask About Speed Zones 

One sure way to fail an HR vehicle driving test is to over speed. Notably, doing so puts you, an assessor, other motorists and pedestrians at risk. It is no wonder many trainees drive trucks very slowly to be on the safe side. By overspeeding, you are likely to fail an assessment because speed zones exist for a reason. The best thing to do is ask your assessor whether the test will be conducted on roads with speed zones. It helps you to prepare accordingly in case you enter part of a highway with a speed limit.

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