What Do You Need to Be a Good defensive Driver?

Being a good defensive driver begins with a thorough understanding of the term's definition. In a nutshell, defensive driving is a driving technique that relies on safe strategies for combating the numerous risks on the road. The threat does not have to be a gang of thieves chasing after you. It could be a regular industrial worker speeding down the motorway as he tries to make it for his shift. Proper defensive driving protects you from the risk of an accident, posed by such people who drive recklessly with or without their knowledge. The following piece will teach some of the hidden secrets you need to be an excellent defensive driver:

Start With Good Planning

The key to being a reliable defensive driver is planning. You need to know what you are getting yourself into before you start the car and get moving. Get into a habit of checking the prevailing weather in your destination. Will you be dealing with a dry road or an icy, wet commute? Look out for traffic snarl-ups, roadblocks and reports on road accidents. It prepares you to be cautious as you drive into areas with dangerous situations that could end up badly for you and other motorists.

Pay Attention

You cannot be a good defensive driver if you don't give all your attention to the road. Being a good defensive driver means staying away from all distractions that take your attention from driving. That phone call you are struggling to pick can wait and so can the text message you are so eager to reply. Focus on driving, and if you need to do anything else, stop safely beside the road before attending to it.

Scan Your Surrounding and Think Ahead

Make regular use of your mirrors if you want to be a good defensive driver. You should be the first one to spot drivers overtaking and struggling to squeeze their tuned cars in the space in front of you. When you see them in good time, you will break early and avoid smashing into their rear. Such things make the difference between being an ordinary driver or a good defensive driver.

Stay Composed

Don't go on the offensive when ill-mannered drivers do their thing. The number of people who cut you off wrongly just because you overtook them a while back will take you aback. Engaging such people in unwarranted racing and heated exchanges is the beginning of many problems.

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Being a good defensive driver begins with a thorough understanding of the term's definition. In a nutshell, defensive driving is a driving technique t